Economic, robust and reliable garage doors are offered to you with a wide range of products. Different applications can be made for large and small doors. Keeps the intruders out of the box with superior security measures and different locking systems. Our doors are durable against the heat insulation as well as the objects that can be swept by hard winds. The use of our doors is extremely safe due to the fall protection and the anti-compression measures. Our security systems comply with European standards and are certified.

Automatic Garage Doors:

Decorative garage doors protect from all kinds of natural conditions while also providing security against burglars. Sectional garage doors are one of the preferred systems in closed garages of buildings and sites as in the buildings. The panels of decorative garage doors consist of decorative core panels with a finger-tight body structure and can optionally be corrugated on panels and / or double-walled decorative window.

At the decorative garage doors, windows give light to the garage and give the door a stylish appearance. The distance between the ceiling height of the decorative garage doors and the door passage height is optimally used and the rollers that are connected to the panels are slidable in the rail.

Decorative garage door is covered with 22 cm turning distances according to the height detail. Decorative garage doors were imported from Europe, to measure by our company in Turkey with its own panels and accessories are manufactured according to European quality certificates. Decorative garage door consists of steel sandwich panels.

Sandwich panels are obtained by injecting high pressure polyurethane between galvanized sheet steel plates. The high pressure polyurethane provides excellent sound and heat insulation. The wind resistance of the panels is 120 km / h. The panels on the front and rear surfaces of the decorative garage door panels are independent of each other, thus preventing the conductivity between the inner and outer surfaces.

Decorative core panels have a special finger clamping protection system, which prevents fingers from being pinched in any way. The decorative garage door is fitted to the distance between the height of the passage and the height of the ceiling.



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