It is a modern system that offers aesthetics and comfort together in summer houses, villas, balconies, hotels and cafes. It is the system that can best respond to seasonal changes by folding the windows and collecting at the same point. In this way, it is kept open in beautiful weather conditions such as never been closed allows the use of places. Wind, dust, snow and rain etc. protection against external factors in adverse weather conditions.

The most important philosophy of the folding balcony glazing system is to provide the architectural aesthetics, comfortable, peaceful and safe balcony pleasure according to the rules of modern urban life, to create more transparent natural environments and spaces; folding glazing system as the pioneer of this system in the industry to take place in the real place.

Balconies are a place of breathing and relaxation in city life. The factors such as wind, dust, rain and noise that will prevent you from using your balcony enable you to use your balcony in every condition.

When you close your balcony with a chopping profile, it is no longer possible to convert it back to its original state. Your balcony can be stored at any time. When you look at your house from the outside, you'll ruin its architecture.

According to the shape of your balcony in the rails consisting of aluminum profiles on the top and bottom of approximately 750 mm width 2900 mm height of 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm thick tempered glass, formed by moving the glass wings by closing your balcony partially or completely.

When you collect the glass wings on one side, the balcony can be used as a balcony when it is not closed. In a rainy or windy weather, you can close your windows and turn it into a closed balcony. Since there is no vertical profile on the glass edges, there is no object other than the glass that will prevent your view from being closed.



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